Common Formats Plugin

version 0.61


Common Formats is a pformat plugin that lets you paste the clip with various inbuilt paste formatting. Users can add more formats in the pformat.commonformats.lib/user.ahk file.
Note - This file is not present by default. It is created when the Common Formats plugin runs for the first time ( either from the plugin manager or paste mode ).


Once you have selected the Common Formats paste-format, releasing Ctrl to paste will bring up the GUI.
Use Up or Down keys or mouse to select your needed format and press Enter or OK button to paste.
You can press Esc or simply close the GUI to cancel the paste operation. Selecting the paste-format None will paste the original clip without making any changes.

The Apply button applies the current changes made the the formatting to the clip to be pasted. Thus it helps you in applying multiple formats to a clip in the needed order. Note that the None paste format will still paste the real original clip and the 'apply' won't be undertaken.

Input Field is used by formats that have parameters in addition to the input text. RegExReplace for example uses input field to get the other 2 parameters, the match needle and the replacement text and the users are supposed to enter these two paramters one in a line (line by line).

List of Formattings available


Porting an existing pformat to under Common Formats

To make any independent pformat a part of the Common Formats, you can simply copy its code to the pformat.commonformats.lib/user.ahk file.
Then replace the main function name plugin_pformat_name by plugin_pformat_commonformats_name where name is the name of that independent pformat. Also it will be a good idea to study the code of pformat.commonformats.ahk first.

You can also create a new format under the Common Formats user file. It should be easy provided you know AutoHotkey. Just make sure you name the new format function as plugin_pformat_commonformats_MYNAME where MYNAME is the unique name of your format and this is what that will appear in the GUI. (Related: pformat)

Info Data for the format shown in the respective field is nothing but data stored in STORE object as STORE["commonformats_" formatName] where formatName is the name of the format such as RegexReplace.