Paste with Channel customization

This customization can be used to open Paste Mode with a predefined channel active irrespective of the original channel that is actually active.


channel_no = %channel_find(pit)%
run = changeChannel(%channel_no%)
In the 6th line you can see 'channel_find(pit)' . Change the 'pit' to the name of your channel that you want to switch to.
However if you want to use channel number, you can replace '%channel_find(pit)%' to your needed channel. So the line will become channel_no = 2 for channel 2.


The 2nd line (bind=) creates the shortcut "Win + V" which will open the predefined channel (here 'pit') directly with the search mode active.
Then you can use Up/Down keys to move through the channel, "Enter" to paste or "Esc" to cancel. After Pasting or cancelling, the current active channel will be reverted back to the old channel.
This customization uses the clip pointer preserving feature of search paste mode (See Important Info in Search Paste mode).
So it will not revert to the old active channel in case you change clip pointer (see previous link).

Installing a Customization

Installing a customization is easy.
Just copy the code to ClipjumpCustom.ini in the Clipjump.exe folder and restart Clipjump.
The Customization will take effect and the 'bind' shortcut if any for that customization will become active.

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