The file settings.ini is used to store the settings of ClipJump. It's located in the same directory where the Clipjump executable resides.
Clipjump provides several methods to manipulate the settings file

Advanced Settings

Setting shortcut to copy to system Clipboard (bypassing Clipjump)

You can also create a unique shortcut in Clipjump to copy/cut data only to System Clipboard and not Clipjump. To create these shortcuts, open the [Advanced] section of Settings.ini and write down shortcut values for windows_copy_shortcut and windows_cut_shortcut. As you may have guessed, these shortcuts are disabled by default and by writing shortcut values for them in the ini you create them.
These shortcuts can be very useful when in need to copy sensitive or crap information of the Clipboard.

Changing Action Mode Easy keys

Action Mode keys can be changed through ClipjumpCustom.ini, please see this example.
To disable a key, empty its value. In the following example, F1 AND L keys are removed.

Using Win as Paste Mode key instead of Ctrl [v12.3+]

To use Win instead of Ctrl for activating and controlling Paste Mode, set the option WinForPasteMode = 1 in the [Advanced] section of settings.ini. It is recommended to use the plugin IniEditor to do so. Don't forget to restart Clipjump after updating Settings.ini.

Using Win-C and Win-X for copy and cut to Clipjump [v12.5+]

With the setting "Use Win-based shortcut for copy/cut to Clipjump" in the Settings Editor, you can copy/cut to Clipjump using Win-C and Win-X respectively. Now, Ctrl-C and Ctrl-X will have no effect on Clipjump and the clipboard changes through them will be ignored. This setting changes the Using Win as Paste Mode key (Link) setting with it. So you can use the usual Ctrl-C,X,V for interacting with system clipboard and Win-C,X,V for interacting with Clipjump clipboards.

Showing the Pasting tooltip

You can make Clipjump show a Pasting.. tip when you paste some data. To do so, change the value of Show_pasting_tip in the [Advanced] section of Settings.ini to 1.

Changing default Task Priority

You can change default Clipjump Task priority from the Priority key in the System section of the Ini.
Set Priority to H (high) to make Clipjump most responsive.
Priority Values can be-
L (or Low), B (or BelowNormal), N (or Normal), A (or AboveNormal), H (or High), R (or Realtime)

Capture clipboard changes only through Ctrl-C and X [v12.5+]

Changing the setting monitorClipboard in the Main section of Settings.ini to 0 will make Clipjump ignore any clipboard change other than one done by Ctrl-C or Ctrl-X. (or Win-C and Win-X if you have enabled the setting)

Make Clipjump flush RAM contents to disk [v12+]

The RAM_flush option when enabled instructs Clipjump to flush its RAM memory data to hard disk at needed intervals. Thus Clipjump will take much less RAM (<= 1.5 MB) but the overall performance may be affected. I recommend keeping this option disabled (set to 0) which is what it is by default. You can find RAM_flush in [System] section of Settings.ini

Show paste mode at fixed position

You can fix the Paste Mode's screen position by adding values to variables pstMode_X and pstMode_Y in the Advanced section of the Ini.
The X coord is pixels from left of the screen whereas the Y coord is pixels from top of the screen.
You can also leave either of the coords blank and only the specified axes (X or Y) will be fixed for the paste mode.