This page lists unofficial plugins and customizations for Clipjump other than what has been already provided in the download.
Plugins (even official) that will be updated in the future will also find a place here.
Also take a look at the official Clipjump tips and tricks blog.

[Paste Format] Common Formats Avi Collection of common paste formattings. Extendable
Paste Mode without holding Ctrl Avi This customization allows you to access paste mode without forcing you to hold Ctrl.
Paste with channel Avi, Scott M (Idea) This customization can be used to open Paste Mode with a predefined channel active irrespective of the original channel that is actually active.
CJ Disabled Shortcut Avi This plugin allows creating allows pressing another shortcut disabling Clipjump clipboard monitoring around it. Useful for CintaNotes and Evernote Clip text features. See a blog post on this
[Paste Format] UPPERCASE Avi UPPER CASE paste format plugin
[Paste Format] lowercase Avi Lower case paste format plugin