Plugins are AutoHotkey scripts that are placed in the plugins folder in Clipjump.exe directory.
They can be accessed from the Plugin Manager that runs with the M key in Action Mode.

Plugin Manager

Plugin Manager is a small tool that lets you deal with currently installed plugins. You can access it with key M from Action Mode or from Tools submenu in Clipjump's Tray menu.
The UI is kept minimal and you have to right Click on a plugin row to show the various options available.
The Edit Option opens the plugin's source code. After making changes to a plugin or after adding a new plugin, restart Clipjump to make that plugin effective.

Installing a plugin

Simply copy the .ahk file with all other dependent files in the plugins directory and restart Clipjump.
Note - Clipjump lists all plugins to use at ExitTime and not at runTime. Thus Restarting Clipjump after making changes to plugins is necessary.
TIP - To disable a plugin temporarily, create a folder named (for example) _Disabled in the plugins folder and move the plugin to it.

Running a plugin from ClipjumpCustom

The API.runPlugin( plugin_file_name , param1 , param2 , param3 , ..... ) can be used to run a plugin.
If no parameter (param) is passed at all , then the user will be automatically asked for the needed number of parameters. Below are suitable examples -
run = API.runPlugin( some_plugin.ahk )

run = API.runPlugin( some_plugin.ahk , the_text , the_title )

Creating your own plugins

If you know the AutoHotkey language, you won't take a minute starting creating your first plugins. If you are not familiar with AutoHotkey, I recommended trying it as it is the ever so easy and suprisingly powerful programming langauge. You won't regret.
See Plugins Basics

Officially Distributed Plugins

  1. General
    1. Hotstring-Paste - A very raw sample plugin that helps you to create Hotstrings to paste, i.e. you type a text and a clip stored by Clipjump is pasted.
    2. NoFormatting paste - Pastes current clipboard trimming off any formatting (like HTML).
    3. Delete [File/Folder] - Deletes clips of data type [File/Folder] from selected or all channels.
    4. Sync Clipjump Clipboard - Updates clipjump with the current system clipboard
  2. Paste Formats
    1. Common Formats
    2. Trim Formatting
    3. SentenceCase
  3. External
    1. Ini Editor - by rbrtryn, Added as a secondary interface to edit Settings.ini
    2. Ignored Windows Manager - by fump2000, allows you to manage windows which will be automatically ignored by Clipjump
    3. History file paths cleaner - Deletes copied file and folder paths from clipboard history
    4. Translation File Cleaner - Detects invalid and duplicate keys in language files and displays them

More Plugins

Third party plugins can be downloaded at the Official Addons page